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Araldite Panelbonding

Araldite is an epoxy based repair adhesive for structural bonding of metal, aluminium, carbon fibre, bonding of roofs , side panels, roof panels etc.

A problem often faced by autobody repairers is the satisfactory, economical repair to the heat and impact sensitive thin-metal panels increasingly being used to cut car weight and fuel consumption, and now also available in sections to obviate the need for whole-panel replacement.

Tite R Bond

Tite-R-Bond is an adhesion promoter that improves bonding where the chemical nature of a substrate resists adhesion. This adhesion promoter can be used to develop immediate quick stick.

Tite-R-Bond adhesion promoters are designed to work with all double sided tapes to stay in place.


Autobody Seam Sealant

Autobody Sealant is a water-based sealant for seams and joints

Super Glue

The strongest fast curing super glue on the market.

Filling Powder  

Filling powders gives instant reinforcement to the Super Glue adhesive. It is these powders which give Super Glue the ability to be used as an exceptionally good repairing agent for cracks, holes and gaps in a range of materials.

A must for a variety of Auto Body, Frame Repair, and construction jobs.

Brushable Seam Sealant

Brushable Seam Sealant is a solvent based brush-on sealant with 10 minutes curing time and can be used for lugage and engine compartments etc. to re-create the original finish.

Car Plastic Repair Kit

Car Plastic Repair Kit is an epoxy based adhesive for the repair of most car plastics in minutes.

Heat Stop

Heat Stop is an adhesive gel that prevents heat spreading or distortion during welding, brazing, soldering and cutting.

Contact Adhesive

Contact Adhesive is a Neoprene base glue with high adhesive strength, for many bonding applications.

Terostat 9320

TEROSON MS 9320  is a solvent- and isocyanate-free silane-modified polymer for the reproduction of flat- and wide-stream beads with OEM texture. Skin formation time is 10 to 20 min. Use any type of professional dispensing tool with a piston for application.

Terostat 8597

TEROSON 8597 is a 1-component direct glazing adhesive used for windscreen replacement where a solid safety guarantee is required. The tested safe drive-away time is 1 hour according to the US norm FMVSS and 4 hours according to the most stringent European crash test standard.

A must for a variety of Auto Body, Frame Repair, and construction jobs.

Stone Chip

Stonechip is a water-based sealant and is used for stone chip protection.

Inner cavity Wax

Corrosion preventative yellow wax for the treatment of closed cavities in motor vehicle doors and re-create the orginal finish.

Sound Deadening Pads

Sound deadening pads are often bonded to the inside surface of trunk cavities and doors to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness. Sound deadening material is made of asphalt material. It helps to quiet the passenger compartment by preventing the thin sheet metal panels from acting and sounding like large metal drums.

During collision repair, sound deadening pads must be replaced to match preaccident performance. After repair, the area must be properly refinished to provide corrosion protection before the sound deadening material is applied.