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The GP9900 Transformer Based Spot Welder 9000A is a digitally controlled Double Spot welder which as single sided spot welding gun, dent pulling and heat shrinking capabilities.

FY-28DC Inverter Spot Welder 16000A

The FY-28DC Inverter Spot Welder is a 16000A watercooled spot welder which has single sided welding, dent pulling and heat shrinking capabilities, This welder meets many manufacturer criteria.

GP9900 Transformer Spot Welder 9000A

GT Auto InvertaSpot Welder 13000A VAS6545A

New from Wielander+Schill the Fully Automatic InvertaSpot GT 13000Amp Spotwelder is a state of the Art German, Manufacturer approved Iverter Based, Water cooled Spotwelder. New Press and Go technology An automitic, process controlled spot welder with inverter technology. Very easy to hangle and safe to use whilst always giving reliable welding results.

The InvertaSpot GT Automatic Spotwelder has completely upgradeable software.


Medium frequency, direct current (MFDC) inverter technology, microprocessor controlled resistance (spot) welding machine with water-cooled clamp. In comparison with traditional spot-welders, the POWER CLAMP technology (power circuits integrated in the clamp) allows for high spot-welding currents with low absorption rates (the spot welder operates on mains by 16A fuses), the use of longer (5m) and lighter cables for a better holding and a wider range of action and minimum magneticfields around the cables.

Telwin Inverspotter 14000


The V6 Inverta Spot Welder 12000Amp

• Double piston cylinder

• Ideal for car-body works and production

• Customisable welding programs

• Operation with Pneumatic clamp, manual and studder welding

• Senses the voltage and auto-compensates for the power source

• Control ans regulation of all the steps of the spot welding process

• Microprocessor controlled, three phases, inverter (MFDC 2000Hz) resistance welding

• Automatic control of the spot welding current (12000A) continuous and pulse operation

• High efficiency and productivity improved in comparison with the traditional resistance welding systems.


Telwin Hand Held Spot Welder

Spot welding machine with electronic control of the spot welding time.

Suitable for spot welding of sheets with maximum thickness 1+1mm.


- synchronous electronic timer with spot welding time adjustable from 0,1 sec. to 1,2 sec.

- arms pressure adjustable from 40 kg to 120 kg (with arms L= 120 mm)

- handgrip made out of thermic isolating material.