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1/2" Drive Revesible Ratchet 250mm

1/2" Drive Extension Bar 125mm

1/2" Drive Extension Bar 250mm

1/2" Drive Sliding T-Handle 300mm

1/2" Drive Flexible Handle 450mm

1/2" Drive Universal Joint

1/2" Drive Offset Extension Bar 50mm

1/2" Drive Spark Plug Socket 21mm

Socket Sizes (hex) 10mm to 32mm

Combination Wrench Sizes: 6mm to 22mm

Long Ball Point Allan Key Sizes: 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

Phillips Screwdrivers: #1x75mm, #2x100mm, #3x150mm

Slotted Screwdrivers: 5.5mmx100mm, 6.5mmx150mm, 8x175mm

Combination Plier 175mm

Side Cutter 150mm

Long Nose Plier 150mm

King Tony Tool Set 62-PC


26 inch roll-wagon (with bulk storage compartment)

Frame constructed with one piece steel sheet for integral strength

Useful tool tray / special side handle for easy moving tool trolley.

Drawer slides type - ball bearing

Grooved full width drawer pulls add strength and offer to list contents of drawers, Central locking system, 10mm Top mat

Powder coating finish

Kng Tony Tool Trolley Set 173-PC

You can easily remove bearings,inner rings,flywheels,drums and other components with this tool kit. 62mm threaded rod space,

Bearing Puller Set

Size: Watt:

150mm 250

200mm 350

Bench Grinder

Manufactured from high quality iron castings with plain screw action.

Jaw width 100 to 200mm

Jaw opening 125mm to 235mm

Bench Vice

Clip Remover Set is a conveinient and time saving clip remover set with 16 handy tools for removing, door, bonnet, dashboard and cover clips from a wide range of vehicles

Clip Removal Tool Set

The Coil Spring compressor can handle springs with tension up to 2200lbs and a compressed diameter of 180mm. It has a gross weight of 36KG and packaging size of 1200mm x 280mm x 220mm

Coil Spring Compressor

The Shop Crane has a lifting capacity of 2ton, boom working range of 960mm - 1240mm and packaged weight of 24KG with a packaged size of 850mm x 580mm x 100mm

Shop Crane

The SV-D1T Headlamp Aimer is accurate and simple to use. The headlamp tester is used to test luminous intensity as well as illumination position or axis deviation.

Headlamp Aimer

Keep parts secure & easily identifiable in this heavy duty cage.

1025mm x 1003mm x 1870mm

Panel Part Storage cage

SIZE: 750mm and 1050mm


POWER: 0.24KW and 0.75KW​

FLOW RATE: 18 120m  /hr - 40 000m  /hr

Workshop Cooling Fan

Nylon Rivet System for fastening parts on latest vehicles.

Plastic Pop Riveter System

The Shop Press is a 20ton press complete with pressure gauge, it has a 0-790mm working rnge and open sided heavy duty construction allowing for long workpieces. it has a packaged weight of 102KG and measures in at 1560mm x 260mm x 180mm.

Shop Press 20ton

The Radiator Presure Tester includes a handpump with pressure release valve and multi adaptors to fit most vehilces. The Test kit case is 430mm x 330mm x 100mm (LxWxH) with a weight of 3KG.

Pressure hand pump also includes pressure release valve.

Pressure tester to test for leaks on radiator system.

Multi adaptors included to fit most vehicles on the market.

0 - 35psi colour coded gauge

Durable plastic carry case included.

Radiator Pressure Tester

All drop forged medium(SAE/AISI 1045,1055) carbon steel

Hammers are hardened and tempered, including 3 hardwood handled hammers and 4 dollies

King Tony Panelbeating Hammer and Dollie Set