Dent Puller 220V FY-93G

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The  FY-93G dent puller is a 220V 2600A electric dent puller with shrinking capabilities and more, such as a star washer dent puller, round washer dent puller, stud dent puller, suction dent puller on sliding hammer.

Dent Puller 220V FY-93G :

  • Microprocessor controlled system optimises the welding parameters.
  • Welding gun testing function to evaluate the status of the welder more completely.
  • Overheat protection.
  • suitable for different types of steel dent pulling.
  • Various welding procedures are available such as shrinking, washer direct pulling, spot pulling, flatting wave-wire and stud welding, OT washer welding and triangle washer welding.
  • Digital control system with steady power output.
  • Compact and Portable

Technical Data FY-93G Dent Puller 220V

Technical Data FY-93G Dent Puller 220V
Description Data
Input Voltage 220V – 50~60Hz
Input Power 6.8KVA
Input Current 54A
I Max Output 2700A
Output Voltage 1-13V
Welding Time 0-99s
Material Thickness 0.8mm – 1.2mm
Gross Weight 9KG
Dimensions (L x W x H) 250mm x 450mm x 250mm and 550mm x 650mm x 820mm

FY-93G Dent Puller Accessories

Accessories Included
Code Description Qty
F001 Pneumatic vacuum couple 1 Set
F002 Pulling hammer with hook 1 Set
F003 Dent pulling spot hammer 1 Set
F006 Wavy wire 15 Pcs
F007 Carbon rod 5 Pcs
F008 Spot welding electrode tip 1 Pce
F009 Carbon rod connector 1 Pce
F010 Wavy wire electrode tip 1 Pce
F011 Washer connector 1 Pce
F014 Claw 1 Pce
F015 Triangle washer 10 Pcs
F016 Stud 30 Pcs
F017 12mm diameter washer 15 Pcs
F017 10mm diameter washer 15 Pcs
F018 Earth Clamp 1 Pce
F030 OT washer 20 Pcs
F033 Wrench 1 Pcs
F034 Stud Connector 1 Pcs
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