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The EzCalipre electronic measuring system EL300+3 in roller cabinet is complete with laptop and printer. It comes with 1 year updates.

Computer Measuring Specs:

Measuring System 300EL+3:

  • Measures length and height. Height measuring based on reading vertical angle.
  • Works in conjunction with a Computer.
  • WLAN connection between tram gauge and computer.
  • Datasheet and program update packages are available via internet.
  • Length 1.7m, extension bar 0.9m, max. total length 2.6m.
  • Weight 2.3kg, extension bar 1.2 kg.
  • Rechargeable batteries. 5 hours operating time (depending on battery type).


  • Measures distance between start and end point (length) and height difference. Autorobot datasheet points are used as reference values.
  • Display can show length difference (vs. reference point), height difference (vs. reference point), start point number and end point number.
  • Point number display indicates also the selected vehicle side (L/R).
  • Necessary functions can be carried out from the tram gauge display unit itself: start point and end point selection, saving measuring results in the computer, and selecting the display mode for example.
  • Warns for low battery. Battery status can also be shown on the display as a numerical value (0 – 99).

Technical and Comparison Data

  • Cabinet is included.
  • Laptop is included.
  • Printer is included.
  • Measuring adaptors and extensions are included.
  • Auto Centering adaptors are included.
  • Able to measure outer widths.
  • Mechanical in and Out measurements included.
  • Works on all chassis benches and lifts, koreks and concrete floors (level or not).
  • Shortest measurable distance is 83mm.
  • Longest Measurable distance is 2600mm.
  • Biggest height difference measurable is 2600mm.
  • Full (True) 3D Calibration to vehicle plane (width and length).
  • Single Calibration them measures can be taken front and back of the vehicle.
  • Autorobot Datasheets included.
  • Underbody Datasheets.
  • Upper body Datasheets.
  • Datasheet updates available via internet monthly.
  • Annual update fees only R7,000.00 excl. V.A.T…
  • Real time computer connection, shows datasheet distance, measured distance and difference between datasheet value and measured value.
  • The Real time computer connection, shows datasheet height, measured height and difference between datasheet value and measured value.
  • Able to measure Chassis, upper body as well as doors, windows, back and side openings.
  • Reports available (Automatically).
  • Measured lengths and heights save to report automatically.
  • Reports at the click of a button.
  • Measuring report shows, datasheet value, measured value and difference between the datasheet value and measured value.
  • Before and After report available on Vehicle.
  • Computer shows length and height of pull required.
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