Head Light Focusing Machine

R9,950 Excl Vat

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Measure light intensity of high beam.
Manually observe the central deviation of the iptical axis of headlight.
Manually observe the relative position of the turning point of the cut-off light of low beam.
Manual measure the height of headlight.

Measuring Range

Central Height of Headlight:  50cm~130cm
Light Intensity:  0~60,000cd (standard)
 0~120,000cd (maximum)
Resolution:  Light Intensity of High Beam: ±100cd
Indication Error:  Light Intensity of High Beam:±12%
Measuring Distance:  30~50cm
Power Consumption:  <0.5W(for complete machine)
Dimension:  590mm(W) × 1810mm(H) × 590mm(D)
Net Weight:  30kg
Environmental Temperature:  5~40°C
Relative Humidity:  Less than 95%
Atmosphere Pressure:  70.0~106.0KPa
Power Supply:  1unit of DC9V(Cigar Lighter or Storage Battery can be used )

If AC  power is used ,an inverter should be applied

Ground:  The Headlight Aimer and the car should be on the same ground .  the horizontal error of the ground should not be more than1%
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