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Waterborne Spraygun Cleaner UM80W

The UM80W waterborne spraygun cleaner is a compact wall mount unit designed for quick colour changes, Diaphragm pump uses 58L/min of Air and pumps 12L of water per minute at 85PSI.

Technical Data Waterborne Spraygun Cleaner UM80W

Technical Data UM80W Spraygun Cleaner Waterborne
Description Data
Type Waterborne
Design Compact wall mount or freestanding design for quick colour changes.
cleaning medium High pressure water
Paint channel cleaning High pressure water cleans the paint channel in less than 30second at the push of a button.
Outer gun cleaning A manual flow through brush removes paint from the outside of the spraygun and cup.
Drying Air blow gun dries the paint channel and a spray out verifies a clean paint channel.
Also included Cap brush and whip line.
Also ideal for cleaning pps and other disposable cup adaptors.
Power source Pneumatics
Diaphragm pump air usage 58L/min.
Diaphragm pump water throughput< 12L.
Diaphragm pump water Pressure< 85PSI or 8.5Bar.
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