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The MATWELD WELDER TIG INVERTER AC/DC 200A 200V is a Single Phase 220V TIG/MMA AC/DC Welding Machine

Compact and lightweight
Advanced inverter based technology
High frequency start TIG welding
Pulsed TIG facility
Adjustable Arc force in MMA welding
Suitable for aluminium TIG welding
Supplied with Arc cable, TIG torch and foot control
Adjustable gas pre and post-flow
Adjustable down slope
2T – 4T trigger function
Air cooled TIG torch

Technical data         MATTIG 200P AC/DC MAT9053K
Input Power Voltage               220V ’b115%
Frequency                     50/60HZ
Rated Input Power Capacity         4.6 KVA
No Load Voltage                  62V
Output Current Range            10 – 200A
Rated Output Voltage               18V
Duty Cycle 10%                  60%
Arc Initiation                  HF
Welding Thickness                  0.5 – 5.0mm
Post Gas                     0 10 Sec
Decline Time                  0 10 Sec
Pre-flow Time                  0 10 Sec
Remote Control                  Yes
Pulse Frequency                  0.5 – 300hz

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