Parts Spray Booth YS-Mini-A

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The YS-MINI-A parts spray booth has CE and ISO90001 certification, it comes with enough ducting to go through a 5m high building roof.

Technical Data YS-Mini-A Parts Spray Booth

Technical Data YS-Mini-A Parts Spray Booth
Description Data
External Dimensions 4950mm x 3550mm x 3400mm (L x W x H)
Internal Dimensions 3450mm x 3450mm x 2700mm (L x W x H)
Basement 300mm galvanised steel basement, 2 rows o grids and 3 rows of checkerplate. 2 x ramps 520mm wise x 2000mm long.
Main Door 2-Folds, 2200mm x 2650mm (W x H)
Escape Door 1 Unit, 650mm x 1800mm (W x H)
Wall Panels 50mm thick EPS fireproof, heat preservation wall panels
Roof Plates Galvanised steel plates
Lighting Ceiling Lights : 4 x Units x 4Pcs = 16 Pcs x 20W Flourescent lights.
Glass Clear tempered glass.
Intake and Exhaust system positioning Installed at rear of booth.
Intake and Exhaust System 1 x 3KW centrifugal fan for inlet and 1 x 3KW centrifugal fan for exhaust.
Exhaust Air Capacity 10000m3/hour equiped with manual vent control devise on exhaust ducting
Filtering System Ceiling Filter and Exhaust fiberglass filter(Undergrid Paint Arrestor), also Pre-filter
Heating System Riello G10 Diesel burner with stainless steel combustion chamber, heating productivity = 100000Kcal, with electric damper from spraying to baking cycle
Control system Lighting switch, spraying, bake and spray for winter and baking functions, time setting, failure indicator, temperature controler, temperature limit controller and hour meter.
Noise < 80 dB
Power Supply 220V or 380V as per customer requirement
Total Power 6.5KW
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