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The New AH-30A Screw Compressor is a 30HP 22KW 380V Compressor which supplies 134CFM of 3.8m3/min of air, at an output pressure of 7Bar. The AH-30A has a weight of 650KG.

Technical Data Screw Compressor 15KW 20HP AH20A

Technical Data AH-30A Screw Compressor 22KW
Description Data
Model AH-30A
Motor (KW) 22KW
Motor (HP) 30HP
Built in Dryer No
Volume (CFM) 134CFM
Volume (m3/min) 3.8m3/min
Volume (l/min) 3794l/min
Rated Pressure (MPA) 0.7MPA
Compression Stage Single Stage
Ambient Temperature -5°C to +45°C
Cooling Model Air Cooling
Discharge Temperature Ambient temperature + 15°C
Noise Level 64dB +/- 2dB
Drive Method Multivee Belt
Voltage 380V
Starting Method Star Delta
Dimensions (W x D X H) 1150mm x 900mm x 1380mm
Weight 650Kg
Air Outlet Pipe Size 1″
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