STP i Silver 10-sheets

R1,200 Excl Vat

  • Package contains: 2,0 m2
  • Package contains: 10 sheets
  • Sheet size: 375 x 530 mm
  • Thickness: 3,5 mm


Our Best-Selling Sound Deadener Excellent price/quality ratio! Great Car Sound Quality / Best for Hot Rod & Restoration /10 sheets / 700mm x 500mm / 80 mil thick / 38 sq ft total Installation recommendations: 1) Study on the Internet how to easy to disassemble door panels, as well hood liner of the vehicle (it is important that you do not break or damage spoil your car). 2) Once you have sorted out your car, remove the remnants of the factory sound insulation. 3) Thoroughly clean and degrease the area of treatment! Surface must be clean! You can install material on not well cleaned surface, but in the future may have problems such as corrosion. 4) Measure the treated area. We recommend that you make a paper pattern (layout of the right size) , and then transfer it onto a sheet of sound insulation. 5) Carefully cut a piece of the desired sound insulation. 6) Without removing the adhesive paper try on a piece to the desired location. 7) Only then remove the protective paper. 8) Then attach the material to the right place, stick it carefully and go over with the roller, to the point where the foil is smooth and embossing is not visible. Also make sure there are no air bubbles under the material. 9) If it’s cold weather, slight heating of the material will make your work more enjoyable and comfortable. 10) You can also handle the edges and joints of the material – aluminum tape for sound insulation. 11) Carefully put your car back together. Congratulations! You did soundproofing your car properly! * Installation require temperature above 5

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