Sykes-Pickavant 6-PC Body Repair Set

R2,150 Excl Vat

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Kit includes two quality Sykes-Pickavant hammers (standard beating and straight pein hammers) three general purpose dollies and a prying/surfacing spoon. These tools are supplied in a cardboard box only.

Tool specifications

For your convenience we have include images, product specifications and weights of all the products included in this tool set. 

Panel Beating Hammer – Standard
Part No : 056000
Face Type: Standard Beating Flat Face 
Face 1
: Round – 41mm
Face 2: Square – 38mm

Panel Beating Hammer – Cross Pein
Part No : 056500
Face Type: Crowned Face
Face 1
: Round – 41mm
Face 2: Straight Pein

Utility Dolly 
Part No : 055201
Length: 76mm
Width: 57mm
Depth: 58mm
Weight: 1.15kgs
Thick Curved Dolly 
Part No : 055301
Length: 140mm
Width: 54mm
Depth: 55mm
Weight: 1.35kgs
Heavy Toe Dolly
Part No : 055801
Length: 125mm
Width: 60mm
Depth: 30mm
Weight: 1.37kgs
Pry & Surfacing Spoon 
Part No : 057300
Length: 295mm
Width: 40mm
Weight: 1.10kgs



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